I am originally from Los Angeles, born in 1986 and moved to Oregon 2014. I am a photographer, filmmaker, collage artist, curator and gallery owner. My photography and collage work explores the translation of my intuition into visual images. I also create video documentaries about artists, exploring their personal stories and creative processes. I studied commercial photography at Santa Monica College and currently work as a freelance photographer and curator. I was the director of Bleicher Project Space in Los Angeles from 2011-2012, and I currently Co-Own Wolff Gallery in Portland, OR since 2015.

I offer photography and video services for an hourly rate. Contact me for pricing or to inquire about my available prints for purchase.


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"Working with Shannon is always a joy. She has the unique ability to build on past conversations by asking specific questions that lead toward an illumination of your practice. Her curiosity stands in for the viewer, and her questions and suggestions were always on-point. She has a calming presence and made the whole process seem easy. Old friends told me that they learned new things about my practice from watching the final video, which speaks to Shannon's ability to dive deep into each artist's practice." –Alyson Provax